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About us

Have you ever been bedazzled by inability to do business with Russians because you couldn't find a way to actually get the goods into Russia?

Yes, Russia is a huge and very tricky country. But only if you don't know your ins and outs.
Having yourself guided by the right companion it becomes fun how things line up in your head and become absolutely transparent and simple.

X-Ship under its brand has gathered leaders who have acquired necessary experience in providing its partners with out of the box cross-border solutions to build a new market that will unite Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas and Russia in one easy-to-do-business environment.

Since the team has already made its way through bureaucracy and tough business environment to create B-2-C and B-2-B solutions for Asos, Next, eBay, Aliexpress, Smartguy and many others, we've proven ourselves trustworthy and willing to move towards legality, easiness and safety in international trade.

We are the team to have actually created b2c flow into Russia aside Russian post. Should you require any references, feel free to ask us where to seek them - we speak perfect English. And this list of brands would help:


Russia is a huge country with an enormous buying potential. Oil and gas export accumulates recourses for significant inbound opportunities.

The fact that Russia has nearly 22 thousand kilometers of national border does not affect the vigilance of customs authorities. Therefore strict requirements on what comes from abroad is a must. Hence the eternal question: how to do transparent business with Russians?

X-Ship will teach you the vital knowledge on The Russian Customs and guide you through the tricky and bureaucratic process of getting things into the country in a transparent and legal way.


Since in logistics the devil is in the details X-Ship is here to provide you with not only transparent solution but with an easy way of getting your things into the country in a simple and out-of-the-box manner.

Just send us an email with your request or give us a call and we'll reveal you the ways of reliable and easy-to-use ways to deliver goods to Russia.


X-Ship is an exclusive partner of SPSR which is the leading Russian logistics operator with its 4000 employees, thousands of vehicles across country and widest geographical coverage of 6000 localities.